Who knew we were the problem

Image of Gus with a shoe

by: Patricia

date: May 23

category: Articles | Gus

Gus had been doing great with the potty training, but then we had been diligent about taking him outside every 2 hours or right when he woke from a nap.

And then we had our first accident. After cleaning the pee up we sprayed the floor with Windex to remove the smell. We have vinyl wood floors.

Suddenly after four days without peeing in the house, he was peeing every time we turned around. Even after he had just peed outside.

Perplexed by this sudden change in behavior, I sought Google looking for an answer.

The first answer was he probably had a UTI (bladder infection). This just didn’t seem possible, so searched deeper, and got my answer.

The problem was the Windex. Evidently, the ammonia in the Windex has the same smell as the ammonia in his pee. And this was signaling to him our floors were now an appropriate area to pee.

The same thing happens if you use a product with vinegar in it. So, our dilemma now became, what to use as it was probably going to happen again.

The only product we could find that didn’t have either ammonia or vinegar in it was Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner.

Luckily we haven’t been able to try it, as Gus is back on track and not peeing in the house.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a cleaner other than Mrs. Meyer’s?

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