How else to show a Labrador’s unique personality than in greeting cards?

It all started in 2008 with Big Max’s cards. By 2013, hundreds of people ordered his cards, especially at Christmas.

At this point, my partner and I were now parents to our third Labrador Hank who we adopted at eight months. I decided it was time to expand the line to include all three boys. Since their personalities were so different they each need their own card design.

Big Max 

Big Max was known as the gentle giant who wanted nothing more than another biscuit which is why he is shown gently taking a biscuit out of the various containers.

Drake Speaks

Drake had a lot of personality and was always happy. Unfortunately, a few months before he turned 8 he was diagnosed with cancer. For 2 1/2 years he fought hard to beat the disease but lost in the end. He was always happy to see his cancer doctor and had a lot to say to him. This is where the “Drake Speaks” comes from.

Baby Hank

We adopted Hank when he was 8 months old shortly after we said goodbye to Drake. He was a crazy Labrador puppy which is why his cards show his butt up in the air ready to play. Unfortunately, we lost Hank way too soon in 2020.

What about Koda and Gus?

I am considering expanding the line to include something to remember Koda by and something for our newest addition Gus. Just not sure what at this point. The company name will always remain 3 lovable labs.